Feelings Quiz

Direct Statement of Feelings Quiz

(D=Direct. I=Indirect. Explain each answer to yourself)

  1. Shut Up! Not another word out of you!
  2. I’m beginning to resent your interruptions.
  3. You’re a wonderful person.
  4. I feel you are a wonderful person.
  5. You didn’t come to see me in the hospital.
  6. I’m discouraged.
  7. I feel this job is miserable.
  8. I feel alone and isolated in my group.
  9. I think Shannon is the best friend I ever had.
  10. Stop hurting her.
  11. I’m starting to get annoyed by your behavior.
  12. I’m proud of your decision.
  13. That was a great decision.
  14. We all like this quiz.
  15. I am frustrated by this weird quiz.

Answers: 1-I, 2-D, 3-I, 4-I, 5-I, 6-D, 7-I, 8-D, 9-I, 10-I, 11-D, 12-D, 13-I, 14-I, 15-D.

Try not to leave this page until you are confident you understand the reasons for each answer.

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