Each act makes us manifest. It is what we do, rather than what we feel, or say we do, that reflects who and what we truly are.
-Leo Buscaglia

River Smith, in his book,   A Conspiracy to Love: Living A Life of Joy, Generosity, and Power, and his Power Living Seminars takes us on a journey toward a fulfilling life of love, power, and joy.

His CD, A Conspiracy to Love: On The River, created with Tom Smith, is a musical journey through the struggles of a dominator society, down the universal river of life, into the ocean of possibilities.

Dr. Smith regularly presents Power Living Seminars based on his book.
The DVD, HEALING, A Power Living Seminar, helps the viewer transform pain into healing power.

The paperback book, DVD and the CD are currently on sale through Amazon and other retail outlets

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What Readers Are Saying

  1. A fine book to help raise consciousness, Many thanks to River Smith for writing this visionary book. It integrates and helps us see the deeper patterns behind the problems we have…. an empowering and enlightening read - definitely recommended for those of us who are still open-minded and teachable!
    Will Tuttle-- author of Amazon #1 Bestseller, World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony
  2. A Treasure trove of wisdom for living life, Dr. River Smith has generously gifted us with a book chock full of treasures. Wisdom, not only his own vast store, but from a diverse wealth of the world’s greatest and deepest thinkers, abounds. I am a believer in daily inspiration as soul food and I felt satiated with every page…. Dr. Smith combines his historian perspective with his long background in clinical psychology and education to produce one of the best overall personal growth books I have ever read. As a therapist, I will recom-mend it to every client and, as a mother, to all my grown children, and as a fellow human to all those who will listen! Thank you, Dr. Smith, for your carefully crafted gift to us all.
    Marilyn Wise—Director at Astara Holistic Addiction Recovery.
  3. Terrific for the therapist's lending library A great graduation gift. A self-help guide that really helps. I am delighted to have A Conspiracy to Love on my bookshelf. It is an unusual book in many ways. It is a disarmingly welcoming and easy to read book. ... Smith's simple formulas for helping us to get intimate with our own needs and wants and pursue them with tact, honesty, courage and self-accep-tance are exactly the kinds of tools and life lessons that I have usually learned the hard way, through painful trial and error…. As a counselor, minister and healer, I feel empowered to guide people in simple, gentle paths to a better life with this book.… The kind, unflinching truthfulness and love that shine through the pages … have changed my life.
    Victor L. Lewis—Director at Radical Resilience Institute.
  4. This book is a treasure for survivors, and for anyone who is looking for comfort and support in finding the parts of life that stimulate our gratitude to be alive. It is accessible for nearly everyone, and that is what I love the most about it…. In my program we give a copy of this book to every adult person who passes through our residential facility, and also make it available to all support group participants.
    Rose Garrity-- Director of a regional domestic violence program for over 25 years.
  5. Awesome! I have known the author for several years as an activist, but was not aware -- until finding this book -- of his work to integrate the work for social justice at the community and global level with the work for spiritual wholeness at the personal and interpersonal level. I'm not usually a proponent of the self-help genre, but I found this book to be personally healing as well as politically inspiring -- a must-read for everyone!
    Nozomi Ikuta--Activist and Minister
  6. Dr. River Smith produces a wonderful mental health guidebook. This is a gentle, practical, inspiring and understanding guide to personal growth and recovery. Every therapist should have copies on hand to give to clients, and for our own challenge and renewal.
    Margaret Grevatt--Therapist
  7. A how-to for the wounded, this is basically a self-help book for the wounded, i.e., all of us. It encourages a self-reflective life, rooted in generosity towards oneself and others. Most importantly, it offers tools to allow one to live with eyes open to the pain, suffering and oppression around us and in us, and still come out with a sense of joy through connection…. River draws on the writings of healers, psychologists, social scientists and philosophers to lay out a path towards healing and connectedness, despite a culture grounded in fear, scarcity and violence. It helped me.
    Mary O’Shea--Community Activist
  8. River Smith has written a sparkling manifesto of living, loving, and learning. He presents many tools to learn how to create a life of generosity and peace. He writes in a simple and straightforward style. He uses many thought provoking quotes. In a market of many self-help books, his stands out as a book with a political conscience. This book is well worth the money.
    Judy Beckman--Former Chemical Dependency Treatment Program Coordinator